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Book two of our NEW series: Tales of a Teenage Alien Human Hybrid is COMING SOON!

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Book one in our NEW series: Tales of a Teenage Alien Human Hybrid is NOW AVAILABLE in AUDIO!


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As if being a teenager isn’t hard enough. . .

Can you imagine how it feels to wake up one day and find out that you are not who you thought you were?

If you’re anything like me, you know it’s hard enough trying to fit in—in high school—without having to deal with the knowledge that your dad is an alien part of the time. I don’t even get how you can be an alien part of the time. . .

Not to mention all of the crazy new alien gifts you really wish you could return.

Oh well, at least I have an explanation for the blue hair.

So, not only do I get to deal with school bullies this fall, who I’m apparently not allowed to use my new abilities on, I have to keep anyone from finding out my secret. . . and keep my grades up.

Could life get any crazier!

Book one of the Tales of a Teenage Alien Human Hybrid series.




“This story is a wonderful blend of humor, mystery and sci fi. The theme of “Where do I belong?” will resonate with teens, especially those who have felt unloved and unwanted. Readers will be eager for the next installment!”
~ Dana Mentink, national bestselling fiction author

“A coming-of-age story for anyone who has ever felt out of place or estranged among the world around them. Admit it… we’ve all felt like aliens among our peers at one point or another.”
~ Rachel L Miller, co-author of The Adventures of Sophie Kitty

“Engaging and full of suspense, JC’s work keeps me on the edge of my seat … from the first paragraph, I found myself unable to put down the story until the very last word.”
~ Naomi Miller, co-author of The Adventures of Sophie Kitty

“JC Morrows builds suspense and an ominous setting that will leave you eager to read more.”
~ A.J. Cattapan – author of the YA novel Angelhood

“JC Morrows grabs your attention on the first page and doesn’t let go until you come to the end. All her books leave you wanting and ready to read the next in the series. Enjoy!”
~ Toni Shiloh, author of Grace Restored



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